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For those interested in LEGIONELLA, please complete the form below and tick 'I am interested in Legionella information'. This will ensure you will receive information specific to Legionella as opposed to plumbing specific details.  (You can tick more than one)

Corporate 1 - An organisation pays for 1 or several (up to 4) individual members - Application Fee $30 + Annual Membership fee $110*

Corporate 5 - An organisation pays for up to 5 members - Application Fee $100 + Annual Membership fee $440*

Corporate 10 - An organisation pays for 6 - 10 members - Application Fee $150 + Annual Membership fee $880*

Corporate 15 - An organisation pays for 11 - 15 members - Application Fee $200 + Annual Membership fee $1320*

Corporate 20 - An organisation pays for 16 - 20 members - Application Fee $250 + Annual Membership fee $1760*

Corporate 20+  An organisation pays for 20+ members - Application fee $300 + Annual Membership fee of $2200*

Associate Member - Individuals in Plumbing related position may apply to be an individual Associate Member.- Application Fee $30 + Annual Membership fee $110*

*Conditions on Membership may apply


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