An individual pays their own membership - Application Fee $30 = Annual Membership fee $110
Please complete the form below then proceed to the payment section at the bottom of this page.  A receipt will be issued once payment has been made.  Alternatively you can Request and Invoice HERE.   IPIQ "Members Only" Login details will be sent with the receipt.

For those interested in LEGIONELLA, please complete the form below and tick 'I am interested in Legionella information'. This will ensure you will receive information specific to Legionella as opposed to plumbing specific details.  (You can tick more than one)


    • New Ordinary Individual Membership - An individual pays their own membership - Application Fee $30 = Annual Membership fee $110*
    • New Associate Member - Individuals in Plumbing related positions may apply to be an individual Associate Member - Application Fee $30 + Annual Membership fee $110*
    • New Corporate 1 - An organisation pays for 1 or several (up to 4) individual members - Application Fee $30 + Annual Membership fee $110*

*Conditions on Membership may apply

Individual Membership Application

I hereby apply for admission to the Institute of Plumbing Inspectors, Qld Inc. as

(Please choose appropriate membership)

In the event of my election to Membership, I agree to be governed by the Model Rules and the By-Laws of the Institute and that I will advance the objects, interest and dignity of the Institute as far as shall be in my power.

I declare that all the statements in this application are correct and undertake, if called upon, to submit written proof of same and to supply any other relevant information that may be requested.

Your membership is required to be Proposed and Seconded. We will contact your Proposer and Seconder on your behalf. If you do not have a Proposer or Seconder we will find one for you. The Proposer and Seconder must both be current financial members of the IPIQ

IMPORTANT: Your registration is not confirmed until payment has been made. Please click 'Submit' above FIRST, before moving onto the Membership Payment section below.


Once you have clicked 'Submit' on your membership form above, please arrange payment for your membership fee.

Credit Card/PayPal Online - Complete your payment online using Credit Card or PayPal. Once you select your Membership Type from the list below, click 'Pay Now', and you will be directed to the PayPal website. You do not need a PayPal account to complete this transactionChoose the Pay with a Card option rather than entering login details for PayPal. 

Membership Types

If you encounter any problems or have any questions regarding membership, please contact the IPIQ office - or on 07 3273 0800.