The IPIQ hold regular events and most of them are FREE for members.  As a plumber, member or not, you are welcome to attend the FREE information sections of our conferences.  These sections will be clearly advertised as "Free to Plumbers"  The only thing we ask is that you register.  Please go to our events page to see the latest event being held.  If you would like to attend please follow the normal registration process and tick Plumber (FREE of charge).  Go to the events page here.

The IPIQ is opening its membership to the wider plumbing community.

The benefits of an IPIQ membership include:

  • Regular updates on current issues
  • Website updated every week
  • Weekly newsletters
  • Ask a question section allowing you to ask any question and have the committee answer it for you
  • Events - Statewide
  • Opportunity to take part in the CPD program - Continual Professional Development
  • Networking opportunities with Industry leaders
  • Reasonably priced membership
For more information regarding membership click here