Letter to Studor and Information supplied by Studor

Information supplied by Studor

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This product may resolve the issues with disabled bathrooms.  Below, please read a statement from the company as well as brochures and youtube video.


In relation to your enquiry regarding compliance of the ClevaCare Shower Arm, Item Code #CLEVA010, Galvin Engineering confirms that the shower arm complies with all requirements of AS/NZS 4020:2005.  

The material used in manufacturing the Cleva010 Arm, which comes in contact with potable water, is the exact material (DZR Brass tubing and solid rod) that is used with all Galvin Engineering manufactured components that have AS/NZS 3718:2005 – Water Supply - Tapware approvals.

Marco Bevilacqua
Marketing Manager

GE ClevaCare Shower Arm.pdf GE ClevaCare Shower Arm.pdf
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IPIQ Statement

The IPIQ has requested information from suppliers of Solar Insulation (23 May 2011) to provide Third Party Certification documentation tot he IPIQ.

We would place the information on our website for members benefit, as we found time to do same.

Would all members please note, that if a product is not on the website it doesn't mean that it will not comply.

The IPIQ is not the testing authority and do not intend to be the regulator of which company product is the latest or greatest.

We are only asking for the latest information to assist all player in the industry. 

A Form 15 may be all that is required for Local Authorities to accept product third party compliance.

Max Hunter / President / IPIQ



The IPIQ and its members have encountered a growing number of installations failures in the solar hot water heater industry. A large percentage is contributed to piping insulation failures. Solar hot water Insulation does not require watermark certification, however the Plumbing Code of Australia does cover Third Party Certification for products outside of watermark approval.

The IPIQ committee on 3 May 2011 endorsed the requirement for all manufacturers of Solar Hot Water Insulation to supply local government plumbing departments throughout Queensland with a Third Party Certification document stating the performance requirements of their product.

The IPIQ has received Third Party Certification from the following manufacturers;

  • Deks
  • Armacell Engineered Foams
  • Thermobreak Solar
  • PJ Bowers
  • Aeroflex
  • Coppaflex
  •       Thermotec E-Flex

Manufacturers who have not supplied the IPIQ or local governments with their Third Party certification document should be advised until this certificate is supplied approval of the installed solar hot water insulation can not be granted


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DEKS151014E - FORM 16.pdf DEKS151014E - FORM 16.pdf
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Deks iso fire ratings.pdf Deks iso fire ratings.pdf
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Deks ISO Pipe Heat Rating.pdf Deks ISO Pipe Heat Rating.pdf
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Thermotec E-Flex.pdf Thermotec E-Flex.pdf
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Armacelll.pdf Armacelll.pdf
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thermobreak110426j-form16 copy.pdf thermobreak110426j-form16 copy.pdf
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PJ Bowers.pdf PJ Bowers.pdf
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Aeroflex Certification of Aeroflex HT.pdf Aeroflex Certification of Aeroflex HT.pdf
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Coppaflex Test Report English.jpg Coppaflex Test Report English.jpg
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 PN 16 Approved Piping Material Installed

The IPIQ has received Third Party Certification documents from the following manufacturers for the installation of PN16 Piping materials installed on a pressurised fire hydrant system

  • Vindlex
  • Iplex Pipelines
  • Plasson
  • Cromford


Cromford Pipes.pdf Cromford Pipes.pdf
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Plasson SMK02018 Schedule.pdf Plasson SMK02018 Schedule.pdf
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Iplex Pipelines QAS01.Q882349.SMK02468.4.pdf Iplex Pipelines QAS01.Q882349.SMK02468.4.pdf
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Iplex Pipelines QAS01.Q882349.WMKA02468.4.pdf Iplex Pipelines QAS01.Q882349.WMKA02468.4.pdf
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Vindex ASNZS4441.WMKA21371.4.pdf Vindex ASNZS4441.WMKA21371.4.pdf
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Vindiex WMKA02560 Schedule.pdf Vindiex WMKA02560 Schedule.pdf
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Vinidex ASNZS1477.WMKA1016.4.pdf Vinidex ASNZS1477.WMKA1016.4.pdf
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Vinidex PE WMKA1771 Schedule.pdf Vinidex PE WMKA1771 Schedule.pdf
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